5 Ways to Enhance your Vacation with Art

This is what I know: SUMMER VACATION!!!  A break from work, worries and chores. Freedom. Fun. Relaxation. Swimming! Kayaking!  Bananagrams! Time to explore new places, be with loved ones, play, learn new stuff, notice, and just be. Incorporating art along the way exponentially expands and deepens our new experiences. It helps us be in the moment, and gives us a […]

5 Reasons to Walk in Nature

 .. This is what I know: It’s a noisy world. Cars, airplanes, helicopters, and leaf blowers… It’s a freakin’ noise-fest out there! Adding to that panoply are the insistent tweets and pings that distract us from even hearing ourselves. Hello? Am I even in here? To be creative you need to find that treasured quiet – to mull and process and […]


  This is what I know: Sometimes making art is hard. I love making art. It’s something I’ve done my whole life. It gives me deep joy and fills me like nothing else can. I wouldn’t trade it for anything. It’s who I am.But making art has its moments. Moments of frustration – of throw my hands up in the air […]

5 Reasons Art is Play

This is what I know: Making art is pure joy. Sometimes when I’m painting it’s like there’s no room – no walls, no floor – no boundaries. Just paint, canvas and me. Together, the 3 of us synchronize without construct or delineation. Like an ancient dance, scraping the brush on the canvas. dipping a palette knife into a tub […]

5 Ways to Rock Out in the Studio

This is what I know: Sometimes there’s a big ol’ party in the studio. And I’m the only one there. Music has always been entwined with my art. The first time I remember consciously repeating a song was when I was 17. I was drawing a large nude with the help of Bob Dylan’s Sad Eyed Lady of the Lowlands, a […]

5 Ways to Let Loose in the Studio

  This is what I know: Making art can be incredibly joyful. There are exhilarating stretches when there is no time, no judgment, nothing in existance but you and your art. Your paintbrush and hand joined as one, color magically finding it’s way around the canvas; the soft, smooth stroke of charcoal swooping around the paper like a bird in the sky. There’s a feeling […]

5 Of my Favorite Art Tools

  This is what I know: It’s good to have the right art tool for the job. We come from a long line of tool users. Tools are so thoroughly woven into our lives they’re like natural extensions of ourselves – like the pen I used to write this post.The art world is virtually exploding […]

5 Ways To Art

  I’m so excited to welcome you to 5 Ways To Art. I’m glad you’re here! This is what I know: We are all creative.  Truth is, from the minute we open our eyes in the morning – no wait –  dreaming! Even when we’re  asleep we’re creative! When we open our eyes and greet the day – decide what to […]

Releasing the Creative Powers Within